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Pharmacovigilance Obligations

BAYER is obligated to report any adverse events which may occur in respect of its products. Adverse events are unwanted and sometimes harmful medical occurrences experienced by a person who has received treatment with a medicinal product, whereby the adverse event and the treatment need not have a causal relationship. BAYER will pass on particulars of actual or suspected adverse events as required by law.

Please report any actual or suspected adverse events in respect of BAYER products to BAYER, by contacting us on (free call in Australia) 1800 673 270 (free call in New Zealand) 0800 229 376.




In the case of an emergency involving Bayer's products, sites or personnel, please use our 24 hour freecall number:

  • Australia: 1800 033 111
  • New Zealand: 0800 734 607



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To email Bayer in Australia or New Zealand, please use our Enquiry Form.

Please do not send enquiries requesting samples. Unfortunately, due to regulations and a large increase in the number of requests, we are no longer able to provide consumer samples of our products.


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