Data Disclosure

Transparency Reporting

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Bayer New Zealand is committed to fostering transparency in all relationships with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations and strives to ensure trust within the pharmaceutical industry.

We at Bayer are convinced that close cooperation with and continuous education of healthcare professionals is key to achieving better outcomes for the patients we strive to help. We are committed to transparency regarding how healthcare professionals (HCPs) are compensated by us for the time and expertise they provide, as well as sponsoring HCPs attendance at medical education events.

Bayer New Zealand discloses transfer of value support connected to the development and commercialization of prescription-only human pharmaceuticals to healthcare professionals.

The disclosed data includes the reporting mechanism below to report payments and other activities:


1. Payments and Transfers of Value made to healthcare professionals - information about healthcare professionals who receive payments or educational support through airfares, accommodation or registration fees.

August 2023, Bayer Australia Ltd Pymble, COR-OTH-NZ-0001-1