Our Sustainability Strategy

Bayer is committed to building a future where the health of communities and the health of the environment go hand in hand. By fostering innovative agriculture, promoting sustainable healthcare and empowering local communities, we aim to sow the seeds of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Guided by our corporate mission “Health for all, hunger for none” sustainability is a core part of our corporate strategy. We are addressing the major challenges of our time and strengthening the societal impact of our company and our business. For us, sustainability means more than just countering risks. Rather, it offers a path to a new type of value creation from which everyone benefits. We are focusing here on generating inclusive growth while at the same time reducing our ecological footprint along our value chain.


The overstepping of the earth’s boundaries jeopardizes human health and the food supply for the growing world population. This applies especially to the countries that are least responsible for it. Through our business activity, we can help to ensure people’s healthy development, the conservation of resources and the reduction of emissions.


Our leading positions in health and nutrition allow us to contribute to finding solutions through our business activities. We already hold considerable responsibility here because our value chains are also part of the problem.


Anchoring Sustainability in the Company and Our Goals by 2030

Sustainability is anchored at the core of our strategy. Our businesses promote sustainable development, and in so doing impact society and open up growth opportunities for our company. We already reach more than one billion people worldwide with our products and services. Now we will invest further in inclusive growth to enable positive development for more people.


To this end, globally we have established clear targets up to 2030 for our core issues of Food Security, Healthcare and Climate Protection, and want to be judged on how effectively we attain them. Read more about our global goals and impact.


To ensure we’re on the right track, an independent, externally staffed Sustainability Council supports the company to deliver these changes.


Our Contribution to the SDGs

Our sustainability strategy is aligned to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, the attainment of which is targeted for 2030. We focus on selected SDGs where we can make a significant contribution. 


As a major player in the fields of health and nutrition, we influence many of the 17 SDGs and have the biggest impact on #2 Zero Hunger, #3 Good Health and Well-being, #5 Gender Equality, #13 Climate Action and #15 Life on Land. Globally, we have set a sustainability framework and targets against five of the SDGs as measures of sustainability.


Bayer’s Position towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainability in action in ANZ 

By fostering innovative agriculture, promoting sustainable healthcare and empowering local communities, we aim to sow the seeds of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.


Bayer is already supplying real-world solutions to some of these challenges. By unleashing the strengths of our Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health teams, we are working to make a difference to impactful response to some of the issues we face. This includes providing greater access to our products, education and training in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organisations, and investment in digital technologies and solutions that will bring sustainability goals to life.


Read more about our local social initiatives.