Sustainability & Commitment


To us, sustainability means safeguarding our future viability and it is a vital part of our corporate strategy.


Our innovations, products and services contribute to overcoming some of the biggest global challenges.  We underline our mission as a company that acts sustainably through partnerships and commitments, including the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more about what we're doing globally, and find some initiatives in Australia and New Zealand below.


Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in Australia


The Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in Australia Baseline Report documents the sustainability projects we are undertaking across the Australian agriculture sector. It outlines Bayer’s priority projects that address sustainable agriculture and animal welfare.


The report details how each initiative contributes towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and demonstrates Bayer’s support for the global SDGs from an Australian context. This report is intended to provide a baseline for continued reporting over time.


Australian Packaging Covenant


Bayer is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), a voluntary government-industry initiative with the objective of minimising the overall impacts of packaging through sustainable design.

As a brand owner of imported and locally manufactured products, Bayer is committed to reducing the environmental impacts associated with our packaging materials in Australia.

Bayer’s APC Report sets out our commitments towards achieving these objectives.


Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre


Bayer is a major sponsor of the Native Bird Recovery Centre in Whangarei, New Zealand. The centre has provided a facility to care for and protect New Zealand’s very special native birdlife since 1992.

The centre takes in injured birds and nurses them back to health for release back into the wild. Nearly 60% of endemic and native birds brought to the centre are successfully released again. The centre also has a number of incubators purchased with funds raised by local community groups to incubate eggs, and is very proud of its 98% hatching success with kiwi eggs.

The centre now handles close to 1,300 birds a year, including kiwi, wood pigeons, moreporks, harrier hawks, albatrosses and a wide range of common birds.

Staff are all volunteer workers who give their time to help ensure New Zealand’s remaining native bird species survive. The centre relies entirely on sponsors such as Bayer, donations and gifts to meet its running costs, and feed the birds.