Integrated farm data for informed on-farm decision making

FieldView launch
  • Single data dashboard supports improved efficiency and productivity

  • Next level collection, visualisation and analysis

  • Integrates with more than 60 leading providers


Tuesday 8 November 2022 - With two seasons of trials in southern West Australia and the Riverina under its belt, Bayer’s breakthrough digital farming platform, FieldView, is being released to the market.


Bayer’s Head of Digital Farming ANZ, Chris Staff says FieldView allows growers to gain a deeper understanding of their operations, through the collection, visualisation and analysis of data they are generating on their farm, in a single dashboard.


"Digital farming integrates detailed information on factors such as weather conditions, soil moisture, soil nutrient levels and crop health to improve on-farm decision-making. Farmers can leverage application technology and data science to maximise efficiency and productivity.


“FieldView overcomes the increased challenge of data aggregation and analysis, capturing a farm’s information in a single dashboard. It provides an integrated picture from which a grower can make informed and timely farm management decisions, and use resources more precisely and effectively to conserve water, energy, fertiliser and crop protection inputs.”


Already in use across the world, FieldView has more than 70 platform partners globally – including connectivity with the likes of Claas and John Deere here in Australia..


“We’ve spent the past two years testing it in the Australian market. We wanted to ensure the product met the needs of Australian production systems so have undergone extensive trialling in the two major cereal and cotton production zones of southern West Australia and the Riverina.”


Mr Staff says these regions have in-field support – “Bayer’s people are on the ground to work directly with farmers who take up the technology. Over the coming 12 months, we will continue to add functionality to the platform, and will roll FieldView out beyond the initial two regions.”


FieldView is not just a product that appeals to growers. Mark Callanan is a co-founder of Agarea, a digital platform that optimises the use of farm data to build tailored agricultural insurance solutions.


He sees great potential in partnering with FieldView.


“We had been looking for some time for a reliable data collection module that can be utilised on any broadacre farm across the country.


“FieldView provides real-time and verified records that are easily accessible. It gives the grower a convenient way of providing their stakeholders and suppliers with access to farm level data, which helps them manage risk at all levels.”


Mr Staff says over the coming 12 months Bayer will be taking FieldView to the next level.


“We will be trialling a suite of new tools within FieldView – like field health imagery and manual fertility and crop protection scripting, while also continuing to enhance existing features so that they deliver more value to users.”


“We are committed to setting new standards for sustainable agriculture and excited by the possibilities that FieldView can bring to Australian farmers and, indeed, to the wider agriculture industry,” Mr Staff says.


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