Open letter in support of the Voice to Parliament

History is Calling - The Voice to Parliament

As part of our company support for the Voice to Parliament and Constitutional Recognition, Bayer has joined other health organisations in an Open Letter of support published in the media this week.

We believe a Voice to Parliament has potential to offer First Nations Peoples more influence to deliver better life outcomes in the longer term, including closing the gap in healthcare and nutrition, in line with our own vision of Health for All, Hunger for None.


You can read the letter below, and find more information about this initiative in the ABC News story here.


“At Bayer we are continually striving ‘for better’. 
 This culture of striving for better runs through our healthcare and agriculture businesses. 
Our scientists, doctors, agronomists and other colleagues across our business are proud to work for a company that is seeking to improve the lives and livelihoods of Australians – whether they live in the city or the bush, whether they identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders or non-indigenous.” 

- Ashraf Al-Ouf, CEO Bayer Group Australia and New Zealand


The national referendum takes place on 14 October.  
To learn more about the referendum and proposed changes to the Constitution, please visit the independent Australian Electoral Commission Website Referendum 2023 ( 

Open Letter - The Voice to Parliament