Public Service Announcement: Scam involving use of Bayer’s name and trademark

Bayer has become aware of recent scams involving the use of its name and trademark. In these incidents, advertisements being distributed via social media and unverified websites, claim that Bayer has launched new over the counter (OTC) products including, to-date; a weight management supplement and product for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Examples of these advertisements are provided below.

Please be aware that these are not Bayer products and Bayer is not responsible for the distribution of this advertising. We take these incidents seriously and have taken multiple steps to escalate the matter, including reporting it to the National Anti-Scam Centre

3 top tips for consumers: 
• It is important for anyone taking prescription medicines to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before stopping any medicines or adding any new over the counter medicines to their treatment regime. 
• To identify whether a product is a legitimate prescription or over the counter medicine from Bayer, please check the packaging as we take great care to ensure all our products carry the Bayer trademark. You can also find a full list of Bayer products on  
• When shopping online, take care to only purchase from known and trusted retailers.  

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